Essential Start-Up Amount ($15 USD)LIONS 1 and 2; Level 1 – 80 TRX plus fees

Ideal Start-Up Amount ($150 USD)LIONS 1, 2 and 3; Levels 1, 2 and 3 – 840 TRX plus fees

Available With LION 1 – Level 1

This course will give you a basic understanding of smart contracts and cryptocurrency. You will learn exactly how cryptocurrency works, and how you can benefit from it.

Once you have completed this course you will have a better understanding of the way cryptocurrency works, and how you can use it for your personal and business use.

What is Cryptocurrency?
Let’s Start with the basics, this beginner video explains exactly how cryptocurrency and blockchain work hand in hand!
Continuation on Cryptocurrency Basics
This quick video explains how online payments turn into virtual tokens which represent internal movements on the systems!
Types of Cryptocurrency
Come and learn the different types of cryptocurrency from the Popular Bitcoin to speculation Cryptocurrencies! There are literally thousands of different types.
What are Smart Contracts?
Let’s go over, exactly what a Smart Contract is and how they are executed.
Ethereum and Tron Smart Contracts
Let’s go over the basics of Ethereum and Tron Contracts.
Ethereum Basics
Now let’s review Ethereum Basics. Microsoft’s partnership with Consensys makes Ethereum one of the currencies with the greatest projections!
Applications that run on Ethereum
Let’s go over how Ether Token is moved around the Ethereum Platform and how it can be used!
What is Tron?
Come and Discover the basics of Tron and the reason why it is the up and coming cryptocurrency!

Available With LION 1 + 2  – Levels 8

Jeremy Barnett has been in the crypto currency space since 2014.  Working as a full time trader since 2017.  He has now decided to share the knowledge with the Lion’s Share community.

If you want to learn proven strategies and techniques for trading your crypto effectively then make sure to go all the way through the course.  This course will walk you through the basics of getting started with your trading account, all the way through in depth understanding of technical trading, and reading charts.

Once you have effectively completed this course you will have the knowledge required trade cryptocurrency on your own.

Mindset Training
Developing the proper mindset for trading.
Favorite Coins
How I find the best coins to trade and why for the biggest gains.
Chart Set Up
Learn my secret chart set-up so you can easily identify killer trades.
Buying the Dip
The easiest and best strategy for a beginner trader, master this and you can consistently win in the market.
Ladder Buying and Resistance Levels
This strategy is one of my favorites because if you make a mistake and the market goes against you, following the ladder buying formula will allow you to come out ahead and even win with bigger profits. Even though you made a mistake on the first entry point.
Quite simply my favorite strategy, this basically gives you cheat codes for where the market is going. I use this strategy for both long term HUGE GAIN Trades, and Short term trades as well. Master this and NEVER LOSE A TRADE!
MACD Mover
I created this strategy for those that want to do a lot of quick in and out trades and trade full time… it takes a lot of screen time, but these trades are designed to get you .03 to .05% profit and do lots of trades every day. Some of my students are trading full time using the MACD Mover strategy.
Buying the Squeeze
Probably the best trade for HUGE Gains quickly… I teach you how to identify these and the perfect entry point for 2 to 3% profits in a matter of minutes… This is a riskier trade but the reward is worth it… remember to implement the ladder buying strategy to save a trade that goes against you.

NOTE: New Overview is Coming.  Video Below Shows 100 TRX that is Now 40 TRX