StepUpCrypto PAY-IT-FORWARD Project

(You can begin with an annual $29.99 Membership & a one-time $25 contribution into COOP5050, but why not add $84 into COOPCROWDthen invite just 2 others to do the same…that’s it!)

  • First, Attend 2 or More of the LIVE TEAM OVERVIEW CALLS  (See Schedule Below)
  • Start with a one-time $25 contribution into COOP5050 and add $84 into COOPCROWD.  Ask Your Referrer for their SPONSOR KEY.
  • Invite 2+ Others to Do the Same & I Will Refund Your $25 Contribution into Your COOP Wallet.
  • Enroll 3+ Others & Help EACH Enroll 3+ into COOPCROWD & Receive a $100 TIER 1 D.AI.SY Membership as a Bonus.  D.AI.SY TOKEN OVERVIEW?

A Recent COOP LIFE Webinar Recording