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Getting-Started Instructions


IMPORTANT: How To Withdraw And Re-Buy

BNBbusiness Launched On 8-27-21

The Business You Operate From Your Phone

100% PASSIVE | No Sponsoring Required *Optional Massive Pay Plan

Straight Line Global Power Line

Earn From Those Who Join After You, AND Earn From Those Who Join BEFORE You!

Please follow the instructions FIRST on how to use this link, because it MUST be entered properly into the Smart Chain browser. Continue to the ‘Getting Started’ video or written instructions below to do that correctly.

LINK: https://bnbbusiness.org/0xa00BD457C72B95fDd0e289D721479dCD309df68A

WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS (See Above For Video Instructions)

1. Download Trust Wallet to your phone from your app store. [If you use iphone, use Metamask only].

2. Add some BNB coin to your Smart Chain BNB wallet within Trust or Metamask wallet (add some extra for gas fees).

(If you are holding Bitcoin, you can swap it for BNB BINANCE coin using Simpleswap.io, or swap within your wallet (if you use Exodus.io, you can do this) and then send BNB coin to your Trust or Metamask wallet. Once it’s in your wallet, you will need to convert it to BNB SMART CHAIN coin [See Video Above]

To buy BNB (BEP2) and have it sent to your wallet, or buy with a credit or debit card, go to: https://buybnbfast.com

3. Open the Smart Chain BNB wallet, tap on DApps at the bottom. A new page will open. Enter the link you see below in the search bar at the top by copying and pasting it. Tap within the browser bar and click ‘Done’ from your keyboard.

LINK:  https://bnbbusiness.org/0xa00BD457C72B95fDd0e289D721479dCD309df68A

4. Click ‘Connect’

5. Tap the symbol at the top and change to Smart Chain. This will open your BNBbusiness dashboard.

6. Choose your level, and click ‘register’, your level will automatically be purchased and begin earning.

BNB Coin Conversion Chart:

100% PASSIVE income that comes in all day long!

Earn from Levels 1 and 2 – 100% passively.

Minimum Entry:
0.1 BNB approx. $50


0.1 BNB (approximately $50)

0.2 BNB (approximately $100)

0.4 BNB (approximately $200)
0.6 BNB (approximately $300)
1 BNB    (approximately $500)
4 BNB    (approximately $2000)
10 BNB (approximately $5000)

Upline / Downline Payments:
(0.1 BNB) Paid on 10 up and 15 downline.
(0.2) Paid on 12 up and 18 downline.
(0.4) Paid on 14 up and 21 downline.
(0.6) Paid on 16 up and 24 downline.
(1.0) Paid on 20 up and 30 downline.
(4.0) Paid on 20 up and 30 downline.
(10 BNB) Paid on 20 up and 30 downline.

60/40 from 0.1 to .99 BNB…
you get paid 40%
60% goes back into the Straight Line to pay commissions.

Withdrawal Benefits:
4 direct/1 BNB to 3.99
50/50 … You get paid 50% and 50% goes to pay commissions.

Withdrawal Benefits:
2 direct/ 4 BNB to 9.99
40/60…You get paid 50% and 60% goes to pay commissions.

Withdrawal Benefits:
10 BNB and above
30/70…You get paid 50% and 70% goes to pay commissions.

Commissions from your referrals reinvestments are distributed as per package purchased.

Level income (Fast Start on Personals / Unilevel):
1. 20%
2. 10%
3. 5%
4. 5%
5. 5%
6. 5%

Sponsor minimum of 4 direct referrals to open levels 3 through 6.

5% admin withdrawal fee.

Most people are beginning with 0.6 BNB Smart Chain (approximately $300). Minimum to begin is  0.1 BNB Smart Chain (approximately $50.)

You get paid every time someone joins and every time someone withdraws!

Pay outs happen every time these transactions happen!