Everyone is born rich; sometimes we are just a little short of cash … For over 50 years, I have successfully helped millions of people realize their personal and financial goals using the formula I have laid out in this step by step manual.
Once you uncover the richness you were born with, everything in your life changes.
Here’s a snapshot of some of the things you’ll learn as you progress through the book:

  • How to release and replace any old ideas about money that cause uncomfortable feelings.
  • The amount of money you need to become financially independent.
  • A powerful idea, the concept of Image-Making, you can use to reach your goals—financial and otherwise.
  • Why the principle of “Let go and let God” is critical in reaching your goals.
  • How the Laws of Vibration and Attraction work and how to use this knowledge to get into harmony with the things you want in life.
  • How to become more focused on what you want to do rather than thinking about all the reasons you cannot do those things.
  • The triggering mechanism which attracts every good you desire into your life.

Understanding and applying any one of these things can have a profound effect on your life. So, enjoy the book and the many wonderful changes that lie ahead.