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What Is D.AI.SY?

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI Systems and it aims to bring Artificial Intelligence into the Crypto Trading space for the Public.

📌– Decentralized AI System Being Developed By Endotech (

📌​​- Disruptive Crowd Funding Model For Financial Technologies 

📌​- Smart Conract DeFi App On The Tron Blockchain, Not A Company.

📌​- A Model Where Everyone Wins with Profits, Equity And Income. 

📌​​- Members Receive Exclusive Stock Equity And Profit Rewards

📌​​- Daisy AI Is Endotech’s Path To Becoming A Public Company

📌​​- Daisy Ai Is Next Generation Of AI Trading

📌​​- 85% Of Trading Profits Are Rewarded Back To Daisy Members

📌​- Super Lucrative Referral Plan For Leaders And Builders

📌​​- Incredible Passive Income Opportunity

📌​- Currently Crowd Funding The Daisy AI Project Tron Smart contract.

📌​- Smart Contract Technology Allows For Safe Interaction Between DAISY And Its Members

📌​- The TRON Blockchain Enables The scaling Of Transaction Capacity And Has Low Transaction Fees.

📌​- All Smart Contract Transactions Are Transparent For Verification On The Blockchain.