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Paraiba recently passed the 235 million market in equity under management. The target to reach by October 2022 is 500 million. They will likely exceed this as they are growing at about 25 million ++ a month.

A new debit card is on the way to make it easy to use your earnings. 

We are expecting some new announcements soon regarding the communications ecosystem being built.

Feel free to use the Paraiba conferencing platform (now in beta) for FREE… up to 25 participants.

Here is a recap of how Paraiba works to create a steady consistent ROI while engaging in extensive risk mitigation:

  • Began in Germany on October 1st, 2019 (2 years old!)
  • Opened to other languages besides German in the spring of 2020.
  • 2020 target of 10M was doubled to over 20M.
  • 2021 target of 100M was doubled to over 200M.
  • 2022 target is 500M
  • Present growth is about 800,000 to a million per day in NEW equity which is about 25/28M a month in growth.
  • Trading is diversified into FX, Crypto, and Arbitrage
  • Trading is very risk controlled with traders putting up a bond to cover their worst case draw down. We know of no other trading situation that offers this level of protection.
  • Proprietary software ensures that the losses come from the trader if they trade beyond the parameters they agree to. The traders pay this amount up front, in Bitcoin, to the company.
  • Part of the funds that come in are put into a reserve fund to create stability and long-term consistency.
  • Three out of Seven Days of trading profits also go into the RESERVE FUND for further client protection with money kept OFF Exchanges and on a hardware wallet OFF the NET and are diversified into different cryptos.
  • Investors are paid daily / four days per week
  • Daily returns are at long term sustainable levels…Key!
  • Traders cannot directly access funds. They can only trade them.
  • Several business ventures and joint ventures are also feeding the company revenue streams including real estate projects, their crypto exchange, their own payment processor, their own bank, their own expanding shopping mall, their own proprietary communications ecosystem, with more to come.
  • Referrals are optional and there is nothing to sell.
  • There are no signup fees, no annual fees, no commissions on product, no monthly fees, and any withdrawal fees are revenue that supports the company revenue that supports our consistent ROI.
  • One tier affiliate program with group volume bonuses.
  • Increase your ROI significantly by qualifying for company-wide pools that grow your ROI incessantly.
  • Very powerful income potential even for people who choose not to refer others.
  • People who do refer others can see an explosive growth in their ROI due to the way company volume is distributed.
  • 17 lawyers on retainer in various countries ensuring full compliance (5 just in the U.S.)
  • 30+ programmers around the world working on the communications eco-system.
  • 50 million dollar capitalized private investment bank for leveraging capital for real estate projects.
  • Low maintenance daily operation. You set and forget.
  • Built-in auto-compounding option.
  • Multiple accounts manageable under ONE KYC (ID and address verification) and ONE name and email.
  • Withdrawals are rapid; usually arriving to their exchange in Bitcoin within 15 minutes and sometimes in under ONE minute.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this before? I haven’t.

Paraiba runs like a Swiss watch and is German engineering at its best.

Sail through the Picture Story below to the instructions on how to get started.

Go ahead and set one up, if you like, and put in $25.

You have 30 days to fund your account with $25 to keep the volume.

What Makes Paraiba Unique?

A Picture Tells a Story of a Thousand Words

Sometimes we need to use our RIGHT brain and try to INTUIT what is going on and pictures are a great tool to give you a sense of what Paraiba is about and where it is going.

Meet the CEO, Erich Ely, 42, who lives in Frankfurt with his wife and three children. Here is a picture from Dubai where he hosted and carried the costs of entertaining 180 Paraiba associates in Dubai recently.

Paraiba is now partnering with an energy drink company which provides members with another opportunity to earn extra ROI.


Paraiba (now KAIF) Sports Arena

KAIF soccer team — Paraiba owns a percentage 

Paraiba is building a Global Communications Ecosystem

Multi-Layered SECURE and ENCRYPTED (Private) Communications

  • Messenger OUT >> Paraiba Chat App IN
  • Gmail OUT >> Paraiba Parcel IN
  • Coinbase OUT >> Paraiba Crypto Wallet IN
  • Zoom OUT >> Paraiba Conference IN
  • Amazon OUT >> Paraiba Merchants Portals IN

Plus MORE to COME to UNPLUG from Big Tech Monopolies and their data mining/tracking of your every online move and purchase.

Compliant and UNPLUGGED

Paraiba has 17 lawyers on retainer to ensure that it is compliant wherever needed with all the appropriate licensing and processes.

However, at the same time Paraiba recognizes the problems that third parties can cause and also the revenue they earn by making your life unhappy (think Paypal, FB, Google, Zoom, etc).

So, Paraiba is building a secure Ecosystem of security focused applications while structuring its business in several jurisdictions which create good structural compartmentalization.

Presently they have their own: 

  • Bank License
  • Crypto Exchanger
  • Payment Processor
  • Messenger App
  • Conferencing App (beta)

But, that is just the beginning.

This year alone Paraiba intends to bring on FIVE NEW PROFIT CENTERS that will be LOW COST or FREE to the users.

They have a big vision and a plan to emerge on the world stage as a recognized BRAND that provides an alternative to the intrusive Big Tech we are all coming to question.

All of the above profit centers help sustain a very solid but conservative ROI (return on investment) with the main drivers at the moment being:

  • Crypto Trading
  • FX Trading
  • Arbitrage
  • Real Estate
  • Unique Exchange
  • Etc.


Traders put up a BOND and carry much of the trading risk which keeps us safer and only attracts the best traders.

The Real Estate deals are leveraged low risk projects with buyers in place and money never leaving Paraiba’s licensed bank to mitigate risk to the EXTREME.

The banking license has been upgraded to FIFTY MILLION



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Making sense yet?

Are you FINALLY ready?

Go ahead and set one up, if you like, and put in $25.

You have 30 days to fund your account with $25 to keep the volume.

Final Thoughts…

If you don’t start building a CASH FLOW in BITCOIN now, then WHEN?

Paraiba offers a premier system for leveraging BTC for maximum growth, while also pursuing the most conservative strategies possible for safety anywhere today.

Make things happen for you. Because, yes, procrastination does kill. 

@ 7 pm EST!  Passcode: 888888


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